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Post and Rail Fencing Near Boulder, Colorado

Welcome to Fence Company Boulder, your premier provider of stunning post and rail fencing services in Boulder, Colorado and the surrounding areas.

A beautiful wood or vinyl post and rail fence can completely transform the look and feel of your property, adding instant curb appeal, privacy, and charm.

Our team of highly skilled fencing contractors have installed hundreds of post and rail fences and have mastered the art and science behind building fences that will stand the test of time.

Unlike a chain link or livestock wire fence, post and rail fences utilize thick wooden posts connected by horizontal wood or vinyl rails. This classic fencing style provides the rustic look of a wood fence with the strength and durability of steel posts.

Post and rail fencing is perfect for delineating property lines, enclosing gardens and pools, corralling animals, lining driveways, and simply creating an eye-catching focal point in your outdoor space.

With over 10 years of experience specializing in fencing installations, our team is uniquely equipped to handle your post and rail fencing project from start to finish.

We take great pride in our work and aim to build fences that not only look beautiful but also withstand the elements. Our expertise allows us to properly space posts, level rails, and ensure the longevity of your investment.

Process We Follow for Post and Rail Fencing

Initial Consultation and Quote

The process starts when you contact our team for a personalized consultation and quote. We will schedule a time to visit your property and discuss your vision for a new post and rail fence.

We’ll measure the space, assess any obstacles, and determine the most suitable fencing materials and layout to meet your needs. Based on this site evaluation, we will provide you with a written quote outlining the project specifications and total cost.

There are no hidden fees or surprise charges down the road. Our quotes are comprehensive, ensuring you know exactly what to expect throughout the installation process.

Materials Selection

Once you decide to move forward, the next step is finalizing the details of your custom post and rail fence. We will help you select the ideal wood type, post style, rail dimensions, and other components.

Some of the common material options include:

  • Wood species – Cedar, redwood, pine
  • Post style – Square cut, pyramid cap, decorative cap
  • Post base – Concrete burial, steel anchor
  • Rails – 1×4, 1×6, 2×4, etc.
  • Hardware – Galvanized, stainless steel, coated

We carry a wide inventory of fencing supplies to create the exact look you desire.

Permitted and Site Preparation

Prior to installation, our team will acquire any required permits from the city of Boulder and survey underground utilities to avoid damage. We take safety very seriously. We will also clear and level the installation site. Obstacles like trees/stumps will be removed and the soil graded as needed.

Fence Installation Process

Once the grunt work is complete, we dive into building your beautiful new post and rail fence. Our team will precisely space the fence posts according to standard building codes and your specifications. Posts are buried into freshly dug holes, braced with gravel for drainage, and encased in concrete for superior stability.

Next we will attach the fence rails securely to each post with galvanized brackets and lag screws. Rails may also be notched to fit cleanly over posts. As we work, we check that each fence section is perfectly straight, level, and plumb. Adjustments are made as needed to ensure aesthetic perfection.

The end result will be a stunning post and rail fence that provides security, complements your landscape, and adds serious curb appeal to your property. We clean up the work site once finished, hauling away debris so you can enjoy a pristine new fence.

Gates, Finishing Touches

To complete the job, we can add custom gates – single, double, arched, etc. Hardware such as latches and gate pulls will be installed for full functionality.

You also have the option to stain or seal the wood for weather resistance and your desired look – natural, semi-transparent, solid color, etc. We’ll walk through the finished fence with you, making any last tweaks until you are 100% satisfied.

Our team won’t leave until you are thrilled with your new post and rail fence!

Cost of Post and Rail Fencing in Boulder

The cost of a new post and rail fence depends on several factors:

  • Fence length – The longer your fence line, the more material and labor required.
  • Fence height – Taller fences that require longer posts and more rails will cost more.
  • Material types – Redwood, cedar and vinyl are generally more expensive than pine. Decorative posts also add cost.
  • Terrain – Fences over uneven ground or hills require extra labor and materials.
  • Gates – Adding gates will increase the final price. More complex gates cost more.

That said, at Fencing Boulder you can expect to invest $25 to $50 per linear foot for a basic post and rail fence with standard pine wood. Simple vinyl post and rail fences start around $30 per linear foot. Fences with premium wood species, ornamental posts, gates, and accessibility challenges will fall on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Keep in mind this investment will dramatically enhance your property value and enjoyment of your outdoor space for decades to come.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Unleash our seasoned craftsmanship for impeccable fencing solutions, backed by years of expertise in the Boulder community.


Tailor your fencing dreams with precision, as we collaborate closely to deliver personalized solutions that match your style and needs.

Quality Materials

Elevate your property’s appeal with our commitment to using only the finest materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting aesthetic charm.

Professional Installation

Experience flawless execution as our dedicated team ensures a swift and professional installation process, turning your vision into reality seamlessly.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness is our priority; we go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction, delivering a fencing solution that exceeds expectations.


Uncover cost-effective fencing options without compromising on quality. We make high-quality, customized fencing accessible to every budget in Boulder.

FAQs About Post and Rail Fencing in Boulder

How long does installation take?

For a typical residential project, our crew can complete installation in 3 to 5 days. Larger or complex commercial projects may take 1 to 2 weeks.

What is the best wood for post and rail fencing?

Cedar and redwood are top choices for their natural rot resistance. We also recommend pine treated with water-repellent stains/sealants.

Should the posts be sunk in concrete?

Concrete anchoring is best for permanent stability. However, posts can also be anchored in gravel or simply buried depending on fence height.

What is the typical post spacing?

Posts are usually spaced 6 to 8 feet apart. We follow standard building codes and ensure proper support.

How far should fence posts extend above ground?

Posts should extend 1 foot above ground for every 4 feet of fence height for proportion and strength. Posts can extend up to 8 feet above ground.

How long does a wood post and rail fence last?

With proper installation and maintenance, you can expect 15 to 25 years of life from pine wood. Cedar and redwood last 25 to 30 years. Vinyl lasts 30+ years.

How often does a post and rail fence need maintenance?

Expect to re-seal treated wood every 2-3 years. Also inspect annually for loose posts, damaged rails, etc. Vinyl is virtually maintenance-free.

What height is best for deer?

8 feet is ideal, but 6 feet high will deter most deer as well. Gates should be 8 feet tall.

Can you mount post and rail fencing on a wall?

Yes, with the right brackets we can install post and rail fencing on top of or against an existing wall.

How far apart should railings be?

12 inches is typical for privacy and safety. Wider rail spacing provides more visibility. Local building codes dictate exact maximum spacing.

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