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Fence Maintenance Near Boulder, Colorado

Keeping your fence in top shape is crucial for maintaining the security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal of your property. However, the Colorado climate can be harsh on outdoor structures like wood fences.

Without proper maintenance, your fence can start to sag, develop cracks, rot, or completely fall apart over time. Don’t wait until it’s too late – regular fence maintenance and repairs should be part of every homeowner’s yearly home maintenance routine.

Our expert fencing contractors in Boulder County have been providing premier fence maintenance and repair services for over 10 years.

We understand the wear and tear fences are subjected to here, and exactly how to identify and fix common issues. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure your fence stays functional and looks great for years to come.

From thorough inspections and routine upkeep to major repairs and full replacements, we provide complete fence maintenance solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our team works efficiently with minimal disruption to your property. All our work is guaranteed to last, so you can enjoy your perfectly maintained fence without constant worries about its condition.

Contact us today to schedule a thorough fence inspection, maintenance, or repair service with our fencing professionals!

Process We Follow for Fence Maintenance

Initial Consultation and Fence Inspection

The first step of any fence maintenance or repair project is a detailed inspection and consultation. Our Boulder fence contractor will come to your property to visually examine the current state of your fence. We look for any signs of damage, decay, weakness, or instability. We also consider the fence’s age, type of material, how it was installed, and other factors that impact its condition.

During the inspection, we will:

  • Walk along the entire perimeter of the fence and carefully inspect each section from both sides
  • Check for loose, cracked, warped, or rotting pickets, posts, and rails
  • Look for vegetation growing too close that can cause damage
  • Test the stability of posts by gently pushing on them
  • Identify any previous repairs that may be failing
  • Assess the levelness and plumbness of the overall fence
  • Take measurements to calculate the linear footage of fencing on your property
  • Document any problems with photos
  • Ask you questions about any issues you’ve already noticed

Once the inspection is complete, we will review our findings and recommendations with you. We will point out any safety hazards that need immediate attention. For maintenance and repairs, we will provide you with a detailed quote outlining the scope of work and cost. There is no obligation to hire us if you get a quote.

Common Fence Maintenance

Based on the condition of your fence, the maintenance we recommend may include:

Power Washing

Over time, outdoor fences collect dirt, mildew, and environmental stains that can make them look old and worn. Our experts will power wash your fence using special cleaners and the right pressure to remove buildup without damaging the wood. This can dramatically improve the appearance of weathered fences.

Sealing, Painting, and Staining

Applying protective sealants, stains, or paint helps shield wood fences from moisture, UV rays, and other damage. This also provides water repellency and gives your fence extra aesthetic appeal. We will ensure proper prep work is done before applying the coating of your choice.

Fastener Adjustments

We will tighten any loose screws, nails, bolts, rods, or other fasteners throughout the fence. This improves stability and eliminates annoying squeaks or rattling noises when the fence moves in wind.

Post Straightening

Fence posts sometimes lean over time. We can realign and re-secure posts in their proper upright position for optimal fence functioning.

Board Replacement

Rotting, cracked, or missing pickets or rails will be replaced with new, pressure-treated boards that match your fence. We stock common fence board sizes and styles.

Gate Repair

Sagging, misaligned, or non-latching gates detract from your fence’s utility and appearance. We will adjust hardware, hinges, latches, and other components to restore full gate functionality.

Major Fence Repair Processes

For fences needing significant repair, our processes may involve:

Post Replacements

If posts are deteriorating at ground level or leaning severely, we will remove them and install new pressure-treated posts properly anchored into the ground.

Section Teardowns

In some cases, it is best to completely remove and replace large sections of fencing altogether with fresh new pickets, rails, and posts for a consistent appearance.

Custom Fabrication

For homeowners wanting a new and unique fence design, we can fabricate and erect custom fencing made of wood, metal, PVC, or other materials. This allows you to upgrade your fence exactly how you want.

Full Fence Replacement

After many years, it may be time to completely replace your entire fence to restore its structural integrity and aesthetics. We will demolish and haul away the old fencing, then install your new fence.

Ongoing Fence Care

To make the repairs and improvements we provide last longer, we recommend clients follow these fencing care tips:

  • Inspect your fence twice per year and look for signs of wear, weathering, or damage. Address any issues right away before they worsen.
  • Clear away foliage or branches rubbing against the fence. Keep grass and weeds trimmed back.
  • Re-coat wood fences with sealant or stain every 2-3 years.
  • Wipe PVC or vinyl fences down with a siding cleaner occasionally.
  • Test fence gates to ensure proper function and lubricate hardware as needed.
  • Avoid pushing snow against fences or allowing kids to climb on them excessively.

Following our professional maintenance combined with proper ongoing care will keep your fence looking its best and functioning properly for years before needing major work again.

Cost of Fence Maintenance in Boulder

The price of fence maintenance and repairs depends on several variables:

  • Type of fence material – Wood, vinyl, chain link, etc.
  • Accessibility of the fenced area
  • Linear feet of fencing need repairs
  • Type of repair needed – Basic maintenance vs. major replacements
  • Specialty work like custom fabrication, gate repair, or stone column incorporation

To give you a general idea, here are some typical price ranges:

  • Basic power washing, sealing and inspection service: $3-5 per linear foot
  • Replacing a few pickets and rails, post straightening: $25-50 per linear foot
  • Full section replacement with new boards and posts: $40-80 per linear foot
  • Total new fence installation: $25-100+ per linear foot based on materials

We provide free estimates at your home so you know exactly what to expect for your particular fence’s needs. Our prices are competitive while ensuring professional, lasting service.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Unleash our seasoned craftsmanship for impeccable fencing solutions, backed by years of expertise in the Boulder community.


Tailor your fencing dreams with precision, as we collaborate closely to deliver personalized solutions that match your style and needs.

Quality Materials

Elevate your property’s appeal with our commitment to using only the finest materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting aesthetic charm.

Professional Installation

Experience flawless execution as our dedicated team ensures a swift and professional installation process, turning your vision into reality seamlessly.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness is our priority; we go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction, delivering a fencing solution that exceeds expectations.


Uncover cost-effective fencing options without compromising on quality. We make high-quality, customized fencing accessible to every budget in Boulder.

FAQs About Fence Maintenance in Boulder

How often should I have my fence professionally inspected?

We recommend inspections every couple of years at minimum. Catching minor damage early prevents more costly repairs later. Annual inspections are a good idea for older fences or if you notice any issues arising.

What are signs my wood fence needs maintenance?

Look for loose or cracked boards, nail pop-outs, decaying or warped wood, leaning posts, missing sections, and vegetation growing on the fence. Gates that sag or fail to latch properly also indicate maintenance is due.

Can you match my existing fence if repairs are needed?

Absolutely. We can closely match your fence’s style, materials, color, height and other qualities when replacing portions so the repairs blend in seamlessly.

How long does a typical fence maintenance appointment take?

It depends on the scope of work, but simple inspection and repairs often take just a few hours. Larger repair projects may take several days from start to finish. We schedule longer projects efficiently in phases to minimize disruption.

Will you haul away old fencing debris if doing replacement work?

Yes, we completely remove and dispose of any old sections, posts, panels, or related debris when doing demolition. We leave your property clean and ready for the new fence installation.

Do you offer warranty on fence maintenance work?

We stand behind every project 100% and guarantee our labor. We will come address any issues that arise due to defects in our workmanship at no additional cost.

How can I extend the lifespan of my fence?

Regular professional maintenance and following our care tips like clearing debris, sealing, checking for damage, and avoiding excessive climbing will all help your fence last longer. Proper initial fence installation also plays a big role.

Will fence maintenance increase my home’s value?

Absolutely. Well-maintained fencing improves curb appeal and buyers know they won’t have to immediately repair or replace fences if buying your home. Maintenance is a smart investment.

Why choose your company for my fence?

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. Our experienced fencing crews have the expertise to provide solutions that last. We use only top-quality materials and back our workmanship with guarantees.

What payment options do you offer?

For your convenience, we accept major credit cards, checks, and cash. We also offer financing plans through trusted partners at low competitive rates.

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