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Commercial Aluminum Fencing Near Boulder

Installing a commercial-grade aluminum fence around your business property provides an elegant, durable, and secure perimeter barrier ideal for retail centers, industrial facilities, office complexes, and other commercial sites.

Unlike wood or chain link fencing, commercial aluminum fencing combines aesthetics, strength, and longevity for superior performance and curb appeal.

Our team of professional installers have decades of experience designing, fabricating, and installing custom aluminum fencing for a wide variety of commercial clients throughout Boulder and the surrounding areas.

We use only the highest quality materials and latest engineering innovations to create secure, maintenance-free aluminum fences customized to meet your specific requirements.

With its contemporary style and versatility, aluminum is an ideal fencing material that provides an upscale look appropriate for any business environment.

Available in a range of colors and powder coating options, commercial aluminum fencing allows you to match or accent your property’s existing architecture and landscaping.

Compared to wrought iron or steel, aluminum fencing weighs less per linear foot, making it easier for our crews to handle during the installation process.

Aluminum’s lightweight strength and corrosion resistance ensure maximum security and an exceptionally long service life unmatched by any other fencing product on the market today.

Your aluminum commercial fence will retain its like-new appearance and structural integrity for decades even when exposed to Colorado’s harsh climate extremes. Minimal maintenance is required to keep it looking fabulous year after year.

Trust our commercial aluminum fencing experts to provide you with an artfully designed perimeter fence that melds strength, beauty, and functionality.

We handle your project from initial consultation and site assessment through professional installation and follow-up service. Contact us today to get started!

Process We Follow for Commercial Aluminum Fencing

Installing high-quality commercial aluminum fencing requires an organized process and experienced crews in order to create a fully customized security barrier tailored specifically for your property. Here is an overview of the installation process our Boulder fencing company follows for every commercial aluminum fencing project:

Initial Site Evaluation and Planning

  • Our team meets with you to assess your property and discuss your vision for the new aluminum commercial fencing. We evaluate the terrain, measure the perimeter to be enclosed, and identify any access points or gates needed.
  • Taking into account your functional requirements and aesthetic preferences, we develop a computer-aided design (CAD) for the proposed aluminum fence layout.
  • The CAD design specifies the fence height, style, color, and additional details like any needed privacy slats. We adjust the design until you are fully satisfied.
  • Once the CAD plan is finalized and approved, we generate a project estimate covering all labor, materials, and associated costs. There are no hidden fees or surprise add-ons.

Pre-Installation Ground Preparation

  • Proper ground preparation is crucial for commercial fencing installation. We remove any existing fences or debris from the area.
  • The installation team grades and levels the terrain along the planned fence line as needed to create a flat surface.
  • For sturdiness, aluminum fence posts are set in concrete. We dig holes for each post to the frost line depth appropriate for Boulder’s climate.
  • If underground utilities run through the property, we take care to avoid them during the digging process.

Fence Installation

  • With the fence line properly prepped, we schedule the installation date(s) based on project size and your timeline preferences.
  • Our professional crew brings all the necessary commercial-grade fencing materials and tools to your property.
  • Following the CAD design plans, the team lays out the post locations and gate positions using surveying equipment for precision spacing.
  • The footing holes are filled with fresh concrete, and the aluminum posts are set plumb in the wet concrete at the specified depth and spacing. Braces are installed to hold the posts in perfect alignment while the concrete cures.
  • After the concrete has hardened sufficiently, the installation crew attaches the aluminum fencing panels to the posts with fasteners. Panels are cut to fit according to the CAD layout.
  • For extra security, we use tamper-resistant fasteners and hardware resistant to corrosion.
  • If your project includes gates, our experts properly install the commercial gate hardware and accessories you selected. The gates are adjusted as needed to swing freely and latch securely.
  • The team checks the entire installation to ensure the fence panels and posts are straight, plumb, and properly joined. We make any final adjustments necessary for strength and optimal aesthetics.
  • Once the aluminum fence installation meets our quality standards, we schedule an inspection walkthrough with you. We immediately address any issues to your satisfaction.
  • Our crew completes the project by cleaning up the entire fence line and hauling away any leftover materials or debris. Your property is left clean and the fence is ready for use.
  • We provide all necessary documentation, permits, and warranties along with guidance for ongoing fence maintenance.

Our goal is a seamless installation process resulting in a beautifully integrated commercial aluminum fence you’ll enjoy for decades. With quality materials, skilled installation teams, and meticulous attention to detail, we transform the fence line on your property into a functional work of art.

Cost of Commercial Aluminum Fencing in Boulder, Colorado

The cost of commercial aluminum fencing depends on several variables:

  • Perimeter length – The longer the fence line, the more material and labor involved. We charge per linear foot installed.
  • Fence height – Taller fences that provide greater security and privacy naturally have a higher cost.
  • Style options – More ornate styles and architectural accents increase costs compared to basic privacy fencing. Color, posts, and accessories like privacy slats also impact overall price.
  • Gate quantity and type – Multiple gates, larger gate sizes, and special gate features add expense.
  • Terrain – Difficult access, sloped ground, or soil conditions affecting post digging and concrete work can raise project costs.

To provide an accurate price quote for your commercial aluminum fencing project, we first meet with you to assess the site conditions and discuss your desired fence specifications. Once we generate the CAD design, we can determine precise material requirements and labor time.

As a rough estimate, you can expect to invest $25 – $40 per linear foot for a high-quality commercial aluminum fence installed by our fencing experts. Gates, terrain challenges, and fence height over 8 feet increase costs. We are happy to provide a detailed written estimate once we create your CAD plan.

Our prices are competitive while reflecting the superior materials, expert workmanship, and outstanding service we provide. We want you to get the greatest value from your investment in a new commercial aluminum fence that fulfills your requirements for security, privacy, and visual appeal.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Unleash our seasoned craftsmanship for impeccable fencing solutions, backed by years of expertise in the Boulder community.


Tailor your fencing dreams with precision, as we collaborate closely to deliver personalized solutions that match your style and needs.

Quality Materials

Elevate your property’s appeal with our commitment to using only the finest materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting aesthetic charm.

Professional Installation

Experience flawless execution as our dedicated team ensures a swift and professional installation process, turning your vision into reality seamlessly.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness is our priority; we go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction, delivering a fencing solution that exceeds expectations.


Uncover cost-effective fencing options without compromising on quality. We make high-quality, customized fencing accessible to every budget in Boulder.

FAQs About Commercial Aluminum Fencing in Boulder

Why choose aluminum instead of other fencing materials for a commercial property?

Aluminum provides the best combination of strength, durability, aesthetics, and affordability compared to wood, chain link, steel, iron, or PVC fencing. It is the ideal fencing material for securing and enhancing commercial facilities.

What colors are available for commercial aluminum fencing?

Many standard and custom color options are available via durable powder coating. Popular choices are black, bronze, white, and silver tones. We can also match existing architectural colors.

Can I get aluminum fencing with privacy slats?

Yes, we can add screening slats to block visibility similar to a solid wood privacy fence while still enjoying the benefits of aluminum’s strength and longevity.

How long does a commercial aluminum fence last?

You can expect at least 30 – 40 years of service life from a commercial-grade aluminum fence thanks to the material’s inherent corrosion resistance and durability. With minimal maintenance, some last over 50 years.

How do you attach aluminum fence panels to the posts?

We use high-quality, tamper-resistant metal fasteners and hardware designed to securely affix aluminum fencing. The joints are strong and prevent unwanted panel removal.

How deep are the fence posts set into the ground?

For stability, aluminum fence posts are embedded 2 – 3 feet deep in concrete footings sized to handle local frost heave and soil conditions.

Can you match my business’s existing architecture with the fence design?

Absolutely. Our CAD fence designs can incorporate features, colors, and ornamental accents to complement your existing buildings and landscaping.

Will the gates have commercial-grade hardware and latches?

Yes, we only install heavy-duty gate hardware on commercial aluminum fences to ensure reliable security and access control at gated entries.

How long does a typical installation take?

With proper planning and crew size, we usually complete commercial fencing projects in 5-7 business days. Larger properties may take 2-3 weeks. We always discuss timelines upfront.

Will you pull required permits for my commercial fence?

Yes, we handle permitting required by local codes and inspections to ensure your aluminum fence meets all regulations. We manage the entire process start to finish.

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