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Fence Installation Near Boulder, Colorado

Do you need a sturdy and attractive fence installed around your property? Our team of fencing experts at Fence Company Boulder can handle any residential or commercial fencing project with ease.

We have been providing premium fence installation services in Boulder for over 10 years, with hundreds of satisfied customers.

A proper fence installation goes a long way in enhancing your property’s security, privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Our crew uses industry-leading techniques and high-quality materials to construct long-lasting fences customized to your specifications. We offer a wide variety of fencing options including wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum and more.

Our comprehensive process covers everything from selecting the right fencing materials to expert installation and clean up. We handle permitting and work diligently to minimize disturbance to your landscape.

With our local knowledge and experience, we can advise on fence types and heights that comply with Boulder’s codes and regulations.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our fence installation experts!

Process We Follow for Fence Installation

Installing a fence is a complex process that requires expertise, planning and hard work. Here is a detailed look at our comprehensive fence installation process:

Initial Consultation

  • Our project manager will visit your property to assess your needs and provide recommendations. We evaluate the terrain, measure the perimeter, identify utilities and vegetation, and discuss style options that fit your requirements and budget.

Planning and Permits

  • Once you select the right fence type and placement, we handle the entire permitting process with the city of Boulder. We ensure the fence complies with all zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations.
  • Our team creates detailed project plans covering materials, timeline, gates, demolition if needed, and other specifications tailored to your property.

Material Selection

  • With your input, we help select the ideal fencing materials – wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link etc. based on aesthetics, durability, maintenance needs and cost.
  • For wood fences, we provide design choices for wood type, height, post size, picket style, and more. Vinyl and aluminum come in various colors, sizes and textures.

Site Preparation

  • Proper site preparation is vital for a long-lasting fence. We remove old fences or vegetation from the site and grade the area to facilitate proper drainage.
  • Underground utilities lines are marked and the perimeter is cleared of obstructions. We can rent earthmoving equipment if substantial terrain work is required.

Fence Installation

  • With the site prepped, our skilled crew gets to work installing your new fence. We dig precise post holes, set posts and pour concrete for maximum stability.
  • For wood fences, we assemble panels onsite and attach them securely to posts. Gates and hardware are professionally installed and aligned.

Finish Work

  • Once the main structure is up, we complete all finish work – hanging gates, adjusting hardware, sealing/staining wood, installing caps and trims, cleaning up debris etc.
  • A thorough final inspection ensures your fence is perfectly aligned, stable, visually appealing and ready for use. We also provide any warranty documents.

Professionalism and Safety

  • Through every step of the process, we take great care to minimize disruption to your landscape. Our crew wears reflective vests, sets up safety barriers, and uses the safest, least intrusive installation methods.
  • We leave your property clean and free of debris with minimal damage. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Cost of Fence Installation in Boulder

What does it cost to have a new fence installed around your property? Here are some of the factors that influence fencing installation costs:

  • Fence Material – Wood, vinyl, wrought iron, chain link all have varying price points. Exotic woods like cedar cost more than pine or spruce. Vinyl is more expensive than chain link.
  • Fence Style – Privacy, picket, split rail – simpler styles cost less than ornamental designs. Height also impacts cost.
  • Terrain – Level sites are cheaper. Sloped yards, drainage issues, or rocky soil can increase labor and equipment needs.
  • Permits – We handle permitting but complex applications due to codes or HOAs may increase costs.
  • Access – Ease of access for our crew and equipment affects installation efficiency.
  • Site Preparation – Extensive clearing or grading adds cost but ensures proper installation.
  • Total Length – Longer perimeters mean more materials, labor and time on your project.

At Fencing Boulder, our typical fence installation costs range between $15 – $35 per linear foot depending on the factors above. We provide competitive quotes tailored to your specific project. Contact us today to get started!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Unleash our seasoned craftsmanship for impeccable fencing solutions, backed by years of expertise in the Boulder community.


Tailor your fencing dreams with precision, as we collaborate closely to deliver personalized solutions that match your style and needs.

Quality Materials

Elevate your property’s appeal with our commitment to using only the finest materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting aesthetic charm.

Professional Installation

Experience flawless execution as our dedicated team ensures a swift and professional installation process, turning your vision into reality seamlessly.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness is our priority; we go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction, delivering a fencing solution that exceeds expectations.


Uncover cost-effective fencing options without compromising on quality. We make high-quality, customized fencing accessible to every budget in Boulder.

FAQs About Fence Installation in Boulder

What is the best type of fence for my property?

The ideal fence type depends on your specific needs – privacy, security, aesthetics and cost. Wood and vinyl are popular fence options. We help select the right one based on terrain, codes, HOA rules, maintenance needs, natural light, and other factors.

How long does a typical fence installation take?

Most standard fence installations take 2-4 days depending on length. Larger projects with gates, demolition or complex terrain can take 1-2 weeks. We provide a project timeline estimate during our consultation.

Should I choose aluminum, wrought iron or steel for my fence?

These metal fences provide security with an ornamental appeal. Wrought iron is expensive but most elegant. Aluminum is affordable, low maintenance and available in various colors. Steel is strongest and good for security.

What is the difference between a privacy and picket fence?

Privacy fences are taller with solid panels that block views. Picket fences have gaps between vertical boards and provide a decorative feel with less privacy. Privacy is better for seclusion while picket fences retain openness.

How should I choose the best height for my new fence?

Standard fence heights range from 4-6 feet. We recommend considering privacy needs, property size, neighborhood aesthetics, HOA rules and municipal codes that dictate maximum fence heights.

How deep underground are the fence posts set?

Fence posts are embedded 2-3 feet underground on average. Deeper footings provide more stability especially in high wind areas. Frost line depth is also a key factor. We determine the optimal depth based on soil, climate and fence type.

Can you match my new fence to the existing fences in my neighborhood?

Absolutely. We can install your fence using similar materials and styles as surrounding properties to maintain a cohesive aesthetic. Just provide us pictures and details of the existing fences.

What kind of maintenance does a wood fence require?

Wood fences need occasional sealing, staining or painting every few years to protect from weathering. Monthly inspections to check for warping, decay and damage will extend the lifespan. We provide tips on wood fence care.

How long do vinyl and aluminum fences last?

Vinyl and aluminum are very durable and long-lasting. With proper installation and anchoring, both can last 20-30 years with minimal maintenance required. These low-maintenance options offer great value.

How can I get the most value out of my fence installation?

Consult with our fence experts to select the right materials and height for your needs. Proper site preparation and professional installation also impact durability. And be sure to properly maintain your fence with sealing, staining, clearing debris etc.

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